CEO roundtables to be run by FCA, on conduct, culture with large wholesale banks – 9th June 2017

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) will hold CEO roundtables on conduct and culture from the end of this month with the large wholesale banks, a spokeswoman said. The main banks are to participate in the roundtables, which will focus on conduct and culture broadly, with no specific agenda beyond this. They are part of work on conduct and culture for wholesale banks. The roundtables are part of the FCA’s work on conduct and culture for wholesale bank, which it calls five conduct questions. In a statement, the FCA has said its five conduct questions are part of its strategy for supervising wholesale banks. The questions cover what active steps the banks take to identify conduct risk inherent within their business, and how they encourage individuals in front office and other functions to be responsible for managing conduct of business, as well as the firm’s support to enable those who work for it to improve their conduct.


Alex Davidson, Regulatory Intelligence