FoI respond to FCA findings that majority of Senior Managers in Compliance are male – 23rd May 2017

The vast majority of senior managers in compliance and AML in regulated firms are men, a request under the Freedom of Information Act to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has found. Men outnumber women by nearly three times. Controlled Function 11/senior manager function 17 holders are mostly men, outnumbering women by nearly three to one, the FCA revealed in its response. A roughly similar ratio applies to CF10/SMF16. Individuals who hold CF11/SMF17 and or CF10/SMF16 include 3,559 males and 1,202 females, a ratio of nearly three to one. In addition, 41 individuals cannot be identified by gender from their title. The total number of those holding these two functions is 4,802. In its FoI response, the FCA provided a more detailed breakdown, showing broadly similar results across the two functions.


Alex Davidson, Regulatory Intelligence