Managing Conflicts Between Compliance Departments

David Young was most recently interim Global Head of Compliance for Aviva Investors – here he discusses managing cultural and strategic differences between compliance teams within the same Group structure with Jonathan Skerrett.

Chief Compliance Officer - Salary Survey 2018

This survey is compiled from our internal records of 2018 and is designed to represent an indication of the most up to date compensation information available relating to Heads of Compliance cross the UK financial services market. It is important to note that these are not definitive and exceptions do exist at either end of the pay spectrum…


Market Moves

The second senior Compliance alumni to return to Goldmans Sachs in recent weeks sees Nicola Garrood leaves RBC where she headed up Equities and Fixed Income Advisory Compliance for an MD level position. Nicola’s appointment follows news the Joanna Redgrave also rejoined the US investment bank as a MD from JP Morgan last year.

Gary Hodson has joined Man Group from Euronext in London as their new Chief Information Security Officer focusing on information security, data privacy and cyber security programmes.

Video - Managing Teams in Transition

Click on the link below to view the video; David Young discusses how to Manage Teams in Transition. He focuses on inheriting new compliance functions and how to handle challenging environments from both the departmental and business perspectives.

What to do, what not to do and his thoughts on how to successfully rebuild a team low on morale.