General Advice From Our Team

The job seeking process can be daunting, but our consultants are here to help and support you in this journey.

​When asked what advice they would give to anyone looking for a new role within the compliance and legal sectors, here's what they had to say.


"You need an inherent desire and love for the profession that you choose. The work will be challenging and the tasks you are faced with will be complicated, but each area of practice is a fantastic profession and can be particularly rewarding. Whether you are set on private practice and the opportunity to work in an established and well-recognised firm, or the prospect or working in-house for a reputable financial services firm, or event if a career in compliance is what you fancy, each outlook requires determination, hard work and commitment in order to progress."

​"Acknowledge your past mistakes and learn from them."


"Put yourself in the hiring manager’s shoes: what elements of your experience will they find most interesting? At the end, it's all about understanding your audience - the hiring manager - and giving them the answers they want and need to make a sound decision. Make sure these specific points stand out in your conversations.
Showing that you've added value to a firm in the past is also important, especially if you can quantify it. Make sure your interlocutor understands what you can bring to the table and how you can tangibly impact their business."


"Start off by making sure your CV is up to date and relevant. If a candidate is not sure about their CV’s format, we can help through our free CV format service, which helps the process tremendously. I also cannot stress enough the importance of researching prospective employers and the role on offer: this will make you stand out and look prepared in any interview."


"Candidates that tend to stand out regardless of years of experience are those who can actively demonstrate ways in which they have contributed to their department beyond the scope of their job description. If you have implemented new technology, rolled out training on new regulations or rewritten frameworks, make sure to mention it to your recruitment or the hiring manager - that will leave quite the impression."


​"At executive level, you must look at mitigating the risks associated with a move. In both legal and compliance positions, this is about keeping your antennae on full scan. Potential issues are not issues at all, as long as there is that senior management buy-in to affect change. So you need to be doing your due diligence online and with your own network. You also need to be pushing back on senior management during the interview process. Is there a clear mandate? Are expectations about deliverables and timeframes realistic?"


​"If you have secured an interview, start off by doing your due diligence on both your interviewer, the team and the company you are interviewing for. Once you are there, remember: it is not all about the job description! You need to get on a personal level as well and be completely honest with your answers.

Finally, never cancel an interview, unless you are in an incredibly bad shape! "

Any questions for our team? Don't hesitate to reach out to any of our consultants.