Alexia Brodie Cooper

Alexia Brodie Cooper


What is the most important thing for people to know about you?

I’ve always loved meeting new people and feeling like I can help make a difference in their lives. Therefore, after college, I followed my heart and took the opportunity to explore new places and directions. I qualified as a ski instructor in Whistler, Canada, then travelled around Asia, lived and worked in Australia for two years, to finally travel around South America. This experience has changed my life: I was able to connect with people from different cultures, while impacting their lives in so many different ways.

What qualities do you find the most important for candidates?

Because of my role, I am on the phone with candidates every day to talk about their current situation, their careers goals and overall aspirations. The candidates who stand out the most in these calls are the ones who are goals oriented, show a positive attitude and have good communication skills. I also think it is important for candidates to demonstrate flexibility throughout the entire recruitment process – it does make a difference!

What brought you to Rutherford?

I first met Jonathan, Rutherford’s founder and director, a few years ago. At the time, the team only had 4 people, and we discussed his plans to grow and expand the company. I was excited and inspired by joining a business at its grass roots, where I could help make a difference and positive impact. Since then, we’ve grown so much. It has been amazing to see the changes, development and growth over the years.

I also love the work environment, as Rutherford is all about being sociable. I look forward to heading to work every day.

The most exciting part of my job is getting to discover people’s dreams and aspirations as well as helping them find a career that will allow them to grow and achieve their goals. It is incredibly exciting and humbling at the same time. You really do feel like you can change someone’s life for the better.