Rutherford Free CV Formatting

A few weeks ago we were all broadsided by the Covid-19 outbreak and we have seen lives turned upside down. We have also seen so much that is good – the selfless support for our neighbour and an uplifting display of resilience and adaptability. It has been humbling to see.

As a business, we want to support you as much as we can during this period. We remain available to discuss your job search or hiring needs, as well as to provide our insights. We have been asking ourselves what else can we do to help, so we have decided to provide a free CV formatting service.

Free CV Formatting

While we wait for our new website to launch in June, we are offering this free service to people who fit the following criteria (although we hope to widen this soon!)

For Who?

Your recent experience includes working in a Compliance or Legal Department for a financial services firm or private practice law firm in the UK or US.

What is CV formatting?

Our CV formatters will tidy up your CV. It will be formatted and aligned cleanly and attractively to the latest recommended industry standards.

If you are curious to see how your CV would look formatted to our Rutherford standard or you are in the Word font and alignment death-spins, why not give this a go.

Things to Note

Please say “I am happy for you to retain my CV for suitable roles” if you would like us to do so. Note also that formatting is tidying!

Our CV formatters will sadly not have time to re-write or alter the actual content. We suggest you view our CV Advice Article to make sure it is up to muster in that regard.

Also note our CV formatters are very busy and do make mistakes so you must check the CV over yourself for errors before you use it. CVs will be returned with our branded header and footers but don’t worry – you should feel free to remove these!

What to Do

Please email including “Please format my CV” in the subject box for your formatted CV and give us 24 hours to return it.

For any questions please feel free to call us on 02078701019